Table of Contents
1. 2017 AGU Fall Meeting: General Information
2. SPA Aeronomy (SA) Sessions
3. SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH) Sessions
4. SPA-Magnetospheric Physics (SM) Sessions
5. Sessions Co-sponsored by SPA
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2017 AGU Fall Meeting: General Information
AGU Fall Meeting 11-15 December 2017 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Abstract submission deadline: August 2 (11:59 pm EST)
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Below are the SPA and related sessions open for abstract submissions. Because of the large number of sessions, we urge readers to find detailed session descriptions online by following the web link at the end of each list.
SPA Aeronomy (SA) Sessions
[See detailed descriptions of all SA sessions at]
SA001. General Contributions in Aeronomy (Conveners: Anthony J Mannucci, J Todd Hoeksema, and Elizabeth MacDonald)
SA003. Applications of Space Weather Research (Conveners: Eric K Sutton, Gian Luca Delzanno, Linda Neergaard Parker and Shawn L Young)
SA004. Monitoring Geospace Variations Through Remote Sensing (Conveners: Yongliang Zhang, Larry J Paxton, David G Sibeck, Robert K Schaefer)
SA005. Advances in Radio Frequency Propagation Modeling and Applications (Conveners: James C Jones, Jonah J Colman, Ethan S Miller)
SA006. RF Ionospheric Modification (Possible Alternate Format) (Conveners: Eliana Nossa, Paul A Bernhardt, William A Bristow and Michael P Sulzer)
SA007. Solar Eclipse Effects on the Upper Atmosphere (Conveners: Shunrong Zhang, Larisa P Goncharenko, Libo Liu)
SA008. Gravity Waves in the Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Ionosphere (Conveners: Sharon Vadas, Erich Becker)
SA009. Generation and effects of suprathermal particles in auroral and subauroral geospace (Conveners: Evgeny V Mishin, and Yakov S Dimant)
SA010. Ion Upflow/Outflow Physics and Their Effects on the Coupled Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System (Conveners: Shasha Zou, Vince Eccles, and Barbara L Giles)
SA011. Transient Forcing of the Cusp/Polar cap Ionosphere/Thermosphere System (Conveners: Joran Idar Moen, Douglas E. Rowland, and James W Labelle)
SA012. Large and Small Scale Drivers and Responses in the Ionosphere Thermosphere System (Conveners: Yue Deng, Roderick A Heelis, Larry R Lyons, and Shunrong Zhang)
SA013. Challenges in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Dynamics: the Role of Mesoscale and Transient Phenomena (Conveners: Olga P Verkhoglyadova, Cheryl Y Huang, Yanshi Huang, and Martin G Mlynczak)
SA014. Geomagnetic Storms, Substorms, and Sub-Auroral Polarization Streams: Towards a Synthesis of Observations, Theory, and Modeling in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere (M-I-T) Coupling (Conveners: Stanislav Y Sazykin, Philip John Erickson, J. Michael Ruohoniemi, and Simon G Shepherd)
SA015. Dynamic Interactions Between the thermosphere and Ionosphere (Conveners: Wenbin Wang, Yongliang Zhang, Shunrong Zhang, and Alan Geoffrey Burns)
SA016. Dynamics and Coupling Processes of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere at Middle and Low Latitudes (Conveners: Chaosong Huang, Yongliang Zhang, Wenbin Wang, and Shunrong Zhang)
SA017. Physical processes underlying electron density irregularities in the middle latitude F region (Conveners: Hyosub Kil, Young-Sil Kwak, Vladimir I Sotnikov, and Tony C Kim)
SA018. Longitudinal Variability of Equatorial Electrodynamics, Ionospheric Irregularities, and Ambient Electron Density (Conveners: Endawoke Yizengaw, Larisa P Goncharenko, Joseph Huba, and Hanli Liu)
SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH) Sessions
[See detailed Descriptions of all SH sessions at]
SH002. The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017: First Science Results (Conveners: Edward DeLuca, Amir Caspi, Shadia R Habbal, and Henry D Winter III)
SH003. Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Retrospective (Conveners: William Dean Pesnell, Douglas Alan Biesecker, and Lisa Upton)
SH004. Observations, Modeling, and Predictions of Solar Activity From the Deep Interior to the Corona (Conveners: Irina Kitiashvili, and Mausumi Dikpati)
SH005. Multi-wavelength Observations and Modeling of Solar Flares: Magnetic Structures, Particle Acceleration, and Atmospheric Response (Conveners: Frederic Effenberger, Fatima Rubio da Costa, Xudong Sun, and Lucia Kleint)
SH006. Mass and Energy Transfer Between the Solar Photosphere and Corona (Conveners: Bart De Pontieu, and Scott William Mcintosh)
SH007. Advances in Data-Constrained Modeling of the Solar Magnetic Field (Conveners: Xudong Sun, Maria Kazachenko, and Mark Linton)
SH008. Preparing for Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter: A Coordinated Science from the Corona to the Inner Heliosphere (Conveners: Kelly E Korreck, Nicola Justine Fox, Nathan Schwadron, and Yannis Zouganelis)
SH009. Fundamental Physics of the Solar Corona and Inner Heliosphere (Conveners: Chadi S Salem, Marco Velli, Olga Panasenco, and William H Matthaeus)
SH010. Particle Acceleration and Transport at the Sun and in the Inner Heliosphere (Conveners: Linghua Wang, Richard A Mewaldt, R F Wimmer-Schweingruber, and Gang Li)
SH011. Solar Radiative Variability: From Minutes to Millennia. The Sun’s Influence on the Earth’s Space Environment, Atmosphere, and Climate (Conveners: Martin A Snow, Odele Coddington, Natalie Krivova, and William Ball)
SH012. Space Weather Forecasting: Science, Operations, Future Missions, Missing Information, and the Economic Case. (Panel Format) (Conveners: Mario Mark Bisi, Antti A Pulkkinen, Edward J. Oughton, and David F Webb)
SH013. Facing and Understanding Particle Radiation in Expanding Human Access to Space (Conveners: Nathan Schwadron, William M Farrell, Madhulika Guhathakurta, and W Kent Tobiska)
SH014. Connectivity between Solar Energetic Particle Sources and in-situ Particle Observations (Conveners: David Lario, Ian G Richardson, and RyunYoung Kwon)
SH015. Advance Predictions of Solar Wind Conditions at L1 and the Consequences for Geoeffectiveness (Conveners: M. Leila Mays, Pete Riley, Matthew West, and Christine Verbeke)
SH016. Large-scale Interplanetary Structures: Sources, Evolution, Space Weather Effects and Solar Cycle Variations (Conveners: Chenglong Shen, Lan Jian, Nat Gopalswamy, and Bingxian Luo)
SH017. Enabling Breakthrough Science With “High-Bandwidth” Satellite Communications (Conveners: Amir Caspi, Brian C. Gunter, Mark Storm, and Harlan E. Spence)
SH018. Novel Instrument Techniques for Space Plasma: In-situ and Remote Sensing (Conveners: Keiichi Ogasawara, John W Bonnell, Jason A Gilbert, and Eric Quemerais)
SH019. Understanding the Role of Magnetic Flux Ropes in Heliophysics (Conveners: Jakobus Albertus le Roux, Qiang Hu and Quanming Lu)
SH020. Disentangling Expansion Effects, Collisionless Processes, and Collisional Relaxation in the Solar Wind (Conveners: Bennett Maruca, Daniel Verscharen, Kristopher Gregory Klein and Benjamin L Alterman)
SH021. Velocity Space: The Final Frontier (Conveners: Kristopher Gregory Klein, Jason M TenBarge, and Gregory G Howes)
SH022. Statistical Mechanics and Distributions in Space Plasmas (Conveners: George Livadiotis, Peter H Yoon, and Kostas Dialynas)
SH023. Collisionless Shock Waves in Astrophysical Plasmas (Conveners: Lynn B Wilson III, Drew L Turner, Ali Sulaiman, and Alessandro Retino)
SH024. Energy Dissipation and Particle Energization in Turbulent Plasmas (Conveners: William H Matthaeus, Michael A Shay, Antonella Greco and Harald Kucharek)
SH025. Waves, Turbulence, and Dissipation in Solar and Heliospheric Plasma Structures (Conveners: Leon Ofman, and Shreekrishna Tripathi)
SH026. Observing the Evolving Global Heliosphere over the Solar Cycle with IBEX and INCA (Conveners: Nathan Schwadron, Stamatios M Krimigis, and Eric Zirnstein)
SH027. Physical Phenomena in the Outer Heliosphere and Beyond (Conveners: Nikolai V Pogorelov and John D Richardson)
SH028. The Local Interstellar Medium and its Interaction with the Heliosphere (Conveners: Joe Giacalone, Alan C Cummings and Jack R Jokipii)
SH029. IMAP: Understanding the Interaction Between the Heliosphere and the Galaxy, and Particle Energization in the Heliosphere (Conveners: William H Matthaeus, Eric R Christian, and Stephen A Fuselier)
SH030. The Interstellar Probe Mission: Drivers, Definition and Implementations for Embarking on Interstellar Voyages Before 2050 (Conveners: Pontus C. Brandt, Nitin Arora, Gregg Hallinan, and R F Wimmer-Schweingruber)
SH031. Solar and Heliospheric Physics: General Contributions (Conveners: J Todd Hoeksema, Anthony J Mannucci, and Elizabeth MacDonald)
SH032. SPA eLightning General Session – ePoster (eLightning) (Conveners: J Todd Hoeksema, Anthony J Mannucci, and Elizabeth MacDonald)
SPA-Magnetospheric Physics (SM) Sessions
[See detailed Descriptions of all SM sessions at]
SM001. Frontier solar-terrestrial science enabled by the combination of data-driven techniques and physics-based understanding (Conveners: Ryan Michael McGranaghan, Jacob Bortnik, Enrico Camporeale, and Tomoko Matsuo)
SM002. Assessment of Space Environment Models and Data: Validation Metrics, Frameworks, and Applications (Panel Format) (Conveners: Adam C Kellerman, Alexa Jean Halford, Katherine Garcia-Sage, Jeffrey Klenzing)
SM003. Visions of Future Innovation Across Space Physics and Aeronomy (Conveners: Elizabeth MacDonald, Carrie Black, Joshua L Semeter, and Elsayed R Talaat)
SM004. Small Satellite Constellations for Future Heliophysics Science Missions (Conveners: Larry Kepko, Michael S Seablom, J Daniel Moses and James Frederick Spann)
SM005. Past, Present and Future of Active Experiments in Space (Conveners: Gian Luca Delzanno, and Anatoly V Streltsov)
SM006. Dayside Processes and Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling (Conveners: Sarah K. Vines, Brian Walsh, and Heli Hietala)
SM007. Magnetospheric Response to Transient Solar Wind Phenomena (Conveners: Qiugang Zong, and Hui Zhang)
SM008. Solar-Terrestrial Interactions: Dayside Transients (Conveners: Gerard J Fasel, and David G Sibeck)
SM009. Energetic Particles as Tracers of Magnetospheric Processes (Conveners: Sun-Hee Lee, Ian Cohen, Drew L Turner, and Brian Walsh)
SM010. Imaging the Global Dynamics of the Solar Wind – Magnetosphere Interaction (Conveners: Yaireska M Collado-Vega, Harald U Frey, Dennis Lee Gallagher, and Simon Wing)
SM011. Magnetic Reconnection and Related Phenomena in Geospace (Conveners: Thomas Earle Moore, Barbara L Giles, Barry Mauk, and Roy B Torbert)
SM012. Plasma Energization during Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection (Conveners: Li-Jen Chen, James Frederick Drake, Lorenzo Sironi and Katherine Goodrich)
SM013. Physics of magnetic reconnection beyond 2D laminar models in space and in the laboratory (Conveners: Hantao Ji, William S Daughton, and Robert Ergun)
SM014. Multi-scale investigations of fundamental plasma processes by in-situ observations and simulations (Conveners: Kyoung-Joo Hwang, C Philippe Escoubet, Sergio Toledo-Redondo, and Tai Phan)
SM015. Challenges in Magnetosphere – Ionosphere – Thermosphere Coupling: Magnetospheric Energy/Momentum Input and their Impact on High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics (Conveners: Hyunju KIM Connor, Binzheng Zhang, Haje Korth and Gang Lu)
SM016. Impact of heavy ions on magnetospheric processes (Possible Alternate Format) (Conveners: Raluca Ilie, Vania Jordanova, and Andrew W Yau)
SM017. Processes that Couple Inner Magnetospheric Plasma Populations (Conveners: Michael Warren Liemohn, Yiqun Yu, Colby Lemon, and Jichun Zhang)
SM018. Toward a comprehensive understanding of the storm-time geospace (Conveners: Viacheslav G Merkin, Matina Gkioulidou, William Lotko, and Harlan E. Spence)
SM019. Systems Understanding of Energetic Particle Processes in Earth’s Inner Magnetosphere through Multi-Spacecraft Measurements (Conveners: Aleksandr Y Ukhorskiy, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Drew L Turner, and Andrei Runov)
SM020. Recent advances in understanding the role of wave-particle interactions in Earth’s radiation belts (Conveners: Maria Usanova, S. G. Claudepierre, Wen Li, and Weichao Tu)
SM021. Energetic Particle Precipitation: New Findings and Measurement Platforms (Conveners: Lauren W Blum, Leslie A Woodger, Christopher M Cully, and Allison N Jaynes)
SM022. Radiation Belt Dynamics: Modeling and Wave-Particle Interactions (Conveners: Homayon Aryan, Richard Boynton, Yuri Shprits, and Oleksiy V. Agapitov)
SM023. Radiation belt dynamics in the Earth’s inner zone and slot region (Conveners: Jean-Francois Ripoll, Joseph F. Fennell, and Xinlin Li)
SM024. Dipolarization throughout the Magnetotail and its Effects on the Inner Magnetosphere (Conveners: Christine Gabrielse, Matina Gkioulidou, David Malaspina, and Drew L Turner)
SM025. Geospace Research from Polar Environments (Conveners: Hyomin Kim, Andrew J Gerrard, Alex Chartier, and Michael Hartinger)
SM026. Bringing Space Down to Earth: Space Physics in the Laboratory (Panel Format) (Conveners: Amy M Keesee, and Gregory G Howes)
SM027. Cassini Science Highlights of Saturn’s Magnetosphere During the Grand Finale and Ring-Grazing Orbits (Conveners: Marcia E Burton, Frank J Crary, Sarah Victoria Badman, and Norbert Krupp)
SM028. Magnetospheres in the Inner Solar System (Conveners: Gina A DiBraccio, Daniel J Gershman, and Marissa Vogt)
SM029. Magnetospheres in the Outer Solar System (Conveners: Xianzhe Jia, Chris Paranicas, and George B Hospodarsky)
SM030. Moon-Plasma Interactions Throughout the Solar System (Conveners: Sven Simon, Lorenz Roth, Sean Hsu, and James O’Donoghue)
SM031. Magnetospheric Physics: General Contributions (Conveners: Elizabeth MacDonald, Anthony J Mannucci, and J Todd Hoeksema)
Sessions Co-sponsored by SPA
A096. Science Observations Enabled by New Advances in Small Satellite Capability and Technology (Conveners: Charles D Norton, William Swartz, Pamela Millar, and David M Klumpar)
ED030. New Approaches to Citizen Science: Intersection of Outreach, Crowd-Sourced Data and Scientific Research (Conveners: Padma A Yanamandra-Fisher, Rachel Freed, and Constance E Walker)
IN010. Big Data Approaches for NASA Science Missions (Conveners: Neal E Hurlburt, Charles P Holmes, and James L Kinter)
NH009. Extreme Space Weather Benchmarks: Phase 1 Update and Next Steps (Panel Format) (Conveners: Seth Jonas, and William J Murtagh)
NH017. Ionospheric and Atmospheric Responses to Earth’s Surface Disturbances (Conveners: Xing Meng, Elvira Astafyeva, Lucie Rolland, and Shingo Watada)
NH020. Pre-Earthquake processes: An interdisciplinary approach to Earthquake prediction studies (Conveners: Dimitar Ouzounov, Sergey A Pulinets, Katsumi Hattori, and Patrick T Taylor)
P006. Planetary Habitability and the Main Control Factors. (Conveners: Abigail M Rymer, Yingjuan Ma, and Kathleen Mandt)
P021. Ionospheric Outflow From Earth and Other Terrestrial Planets (Conveners: Lukas Maes, Herbert Gunell, Thomas Earle Moore, and Yaxue Dong)
P023. Juno’s Exploration of Jupiter and the Earth-based Collaborative Campaign (Conveners: Scott J Bolton, Fran Bagenal, Steven Levin, and John E P Connerney)
P032. Pluto and Charon in the Rear View, MU69 Dead Ahead off the Starboard Bow (Conveners: William B McKinnon, William B McKinnon, Kelsi N Singer and Fran Bagenal)
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